Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: Short on Apps, But Still the Best Smartwatch for Android

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Nov 19, 2020 06:22 PM IST
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is powered by Tizen, and offers a super premium Android smartwatch experience. At Rs 39,490, however, it is not inexpensive by any means. As a result, the Galaxy Watch 3 falters in its own set expectations. While the display, its touch response and the rotating bezel feels great to use, what hinders the experience is the lack of native apps for the watch. Despite that, you can respond to WhatsApp, Messenger or other messages via voice, text and handwriting, and the handsfree calling feature is super useful when driving or out jogging. The Galaxy Watch 3’s fitness tracking is also quite good, but it’s still a sizeable mark away from the intelligent, auto detecting smartwatch that it wants to become. Despite these quirks, the Galaxy Watch 3 can safely be called the best smartwatch to buy for Android.

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