Raveena Tandon on repulsive content on social media: Even if five minds out of a million followers get influenced, the harm is done

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Social media presence in our lives has its pros and cons, believes Raveena Tandon, who harnesses it not just for some fun, but activism, too. The actor, who has two growing up kids, has strong views about the “sexually repulsive and misogynistic” content that has recently come into the spotlight on video-sharing app, TikTok.

The “so-called influencers should either be arrested or completely banned” from using these platforms to propagate poison, hate and sexual violence against women, and harsh punishment should be given to them, Tandon avers.


She adds, “People look up to these ‘influencers’ and follow them, and even if they influence five minds out of those one or two million followers that they have, the harm is done. Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter or TikTok, all have the danger of being taken due advantage of, so it’s very important for us to educate our children towards the perils of being on social media, and it being used in a negative manner.”

Otherwise, she says, it’s a “fun, harmless” medium.

Pointing at the positives of social media, the 45-year-old, who has refrained from putting out workout and cooking videos during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, says she was able to drive multiple campaigns of importance via her presence across platforms.

To cite some examples, there was a fund-raising initiative for the families of Palghar lynching victims, she helped the Akshaya Patra Foundation in collecting funds, and drove a campaign Jeetega India, Jeetenge Hum, which was dedicated to front-line workers who were being attacked, apart from other things.

Besides that, Tandon also gave a peek into a shoot she did to raise money for the PM Cares Fund. She had to photo-check on her own make-up and shot with social distancing norms.


Sharing the experience, she tells us, “Hosting that show was a new challenge, and I am hoping that does not become a new normal. It was a skeletal crew, there were 3 people. The cameras were kept 30 feet away, and they filmed it through a zoom lens.”

While she says she’s used to managing her own make-up, doing a constant hair check wasn’t possible when she was in front of the camera.

“It was a little tough to do, but we all have been doing this in the lockdown. We have all been shooting for different NGOs and organisations, and for different campaigns, and it is kind of becoming now an ‘atmanirbhar’ experience as well,” she adds.

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