Kali Puja 2020: Best Wishes and Quotes for Your Loved Ones

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Kali Puja is celebrated on the new moon day (Dipannita Amavasya) of the Hindu month Kartik which usually coincides with Diwali. This year, Kali Puja falls on November 14 and the Nishita time is from 23:39 on Novemner 14 to 00:32 on November 15. People perform the puja in midnight and that’s why it is also known as Mahanisha Puja or Shyama Puja. The festival is mainly celebrated in the regions of eastern and north-eastern India like Bengal, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rangpur, Bihar(Mithila), Odisha and Assam.

Goddess Kali is the most aggressive form of Adishakti. It is believed that Goddess Kali was incarnated from the forehead of Goddess Durga after the gods lost a battle with the demons. According to Hindu mythologies, Maa Kali killed all the demons and slaughter all the blood. She became so aggressive during the battle that she killed all of them, whoever comes her way, until Lord Shiva intervened and laid down. In her rage, she didn’t realise and stepped out on him after which is when her tongue stuck out in astonishment and her rage cooled down. Hence on this day, Kali puja is performed at midnight on Amavasya.

Here are best wishes and quotes that can be sent to your loved ones on this day:

• May Maa Kali, bring joy to you and your loved ones, May the Divine blessings Of Maa Kali be with you always, Happy Kali Puja 2020.

• Fortunate is the one, Who has learned to admire, But not to envy. Good wishes for a joyous Kali Puja, With plenty of peace and prosperity. May Maa bless you with happiness all the year through!

• Wishing you a happy Kali puja, May Maa Kali bring joy to you and your loved ones. May the Divine blessings Of Maa Kali be with you always. Happy Kali Puja 2020

• May Maa Kali give you with strength, courage to fight all the evil and, overcome any mayhems in your life. Have a blessed and happy Kali Puja 2019!

• May maa Kali give you the courage to face all the challenges and be victorious. I wish that no hurdles can stop you from reaching your goals. Warmest wishes to you and your family on Kali puja 2019

• On the occasion of Kali Puja, I hope that you always keep faith in Maa and keep moving ahead in life. Happy Kali puja 2020!’

• Maa Kali has always been there to protect us and impart us strength. Let us thank her for all her support. Happy kali puja 2020.’

• May maa bless you With happiness all the year through! Wishing you a happy Kali puja 2020!

• On the occasion of Kali puja, I send you all my best wishes to you and your family. May you have a blessed and joyful celebration. Happy Kali Puja 2020!

• May maa Kali fill your life with happiness, prosperity and good fortune. May this year’s KALI Puja be a fun-filled and joyful one. Happy Kali puja to you and your family.

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