Divya Dutta: It’s about favouritism in Bollywood, not outsiders vs insiders

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The insider vs outsider debate has been reignited with actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s shocking demise, and talks about camps and privileged groups dominating the Hindi film industry continue to fill the chatter. While many actors have called out this prevalent culture in Bollywood, actor Divya Dutta feels that the bigger problem is favouritism.

“I don’t think there is anything called an outsider or an insider. One may come as an outsider to this film industry, but still join a group. So, when you look at these so-called groups, do they only comprise star kids? No, outsiders also are a part of the group,” she says, adding, “So, it is about favouritism, that’s is the word that should be used. And this exists everywhere.” 

Dutta, however, feels that there should be no judgments based on the people an actor is friends with in the industry as that’s “their personal choice”.

She explains, “You can’t judge people for favouring somebody. That happens in every field. Everyone has their own journey. All we need to do is introspect, and be sensitive towards others.”

Another topic that has come to limelight now, is the importance of mental health. Dutta feels there is no point just tweeting about the matter and reducing it to merely a “panel discussion”. 

“The problem is that we are very superficial. We are not reaching out to people. It irritates me that we are tweeting away on social media but beyond that, what are we doing? Where is your sensitivity?” she asks.

Maintaining her stance that such practices apply to everyone and not just the film industry, Dutta adds, “It is not just about actors. It is just that our lives are right at the face of the world, so it is mostly, in the forefront. Every field has its pressures and stress factors.”

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