Apple Survey Hints About the Exclusion of Charger in iPhone 12 Retail Box: All Details Here

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Apple is reportedly surveying its users regarding the chargers bundled with its iPhones. The development comes at a time when rumours are abuzz that Apple might exclude the charger and headphones from its iPhone 12 retail box when it launches the smartphone later this year. The survey hints that Apple is asking existing iPhone users what they have done with the chargers that came in their retail box.

In fact, iPhone users in Brazil took to Twitter and posted about the survey which includes questionnaires about how they are using the charger. One of the many who took the survey revealed that he was asked by Apple on the fate of the charger that he got when he purchased the iPhone XR.

Interestingly, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that the iPhone 12 series will not get shipped with the standard wall chargers inside the retail box. Kuo, in fact, in one of his previous reports also mentioned that the exclusion of both the charger and earpods could be a strategic move by Apple to push the sales of the charger and also its wireless AirPods, separately. This means that users may well have to spend more money in case they don’t have a USB Type-C charger. In fact, it should be noted that a previous report also hinted that Apple is working on a new 20W charger to sell them separately. Therefore, going forward, it would be truly interesting to see if Apple decides to include the charger inside the retail box or ends up selling it separately for the very first time.

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